Winter Is Coming...Are You Ready?

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(originally posted on November 29, 2017)

I don't know about you, but I get super excited around the winter holidays. It's a time to cozy up around the fireplace with family, hear wonderful holiday tunes wherever you go, reunite with family and friends that you may not have seen in forever (or at least the last holiday function), and of!

I am originally from Chicago and although the nine months of cold weather out of the year was very depressing, what excited me was getting to wear layers of stylish, fun, and warm winter garbs. Every sidewalk became my runway. No, seriously!

My favorite type of outfit was a long sleeved cotton jersey, fitted shirt underneath a long asymmetrical cut or textured, thick wool sweater paired with soft, lined leggings on top of knit, decorative stockings and calf-length boots. And of course an ankle-length cashmere trench or down puff coat.

To top it all off...the accessories. Long layered necklaces made with beautiful gemstones, simple yet chic earrings with a little length, and a chunky stack of bracelets that brought it all together. 

Accessories have always been my favorite thing to experiment with. Whether it's a pair of bold and bright knee high socks underneath my pants, knit hats with the fun, fuzzy ball on top, or exotic gemstone bracelets and necklaces that served as my way to stand out from the rest. Accessories were and still are my touch of fun!

That love of accessorizing really comes through with the Arm Candy I create. They are not only beautiful pieces that will make a statement with any outfit, but they are also meant to make a personal statement to whomever wears them. Each stone has a energy that is meant to complement the aesthetic of the piece and provide many benefits to you.

Do something bold this season and try something new! What's your favorite accessory?


Photo credit- Martin Reisch


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