3 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

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Life can be hectic sometimes, so finding efficient, yet effective ways to find solace is super important. While we might want to destress on a warm, beautiful beach on a far away island or atop a picturesque mountain near the ocean, it's not always possible.

We have to learn how to find our inner beach to quell or prevent the stress and negative emotions from consuming us. Meditation is a great way to do that.

Here are 3 great reasons to meditate:

1. Meditation Grounds You

Sometimes I feel like I'm floating through my day untethered with no aim or without any intentions. Meditation helps me to set my emotional purpose for the day. 

If I know I will have to speak in front of a lot people or be social in any kind of way, I get super nervous about it (I'm an introvert). So, I'll meditate and set my intentions to energies of calm and strength. Using my mala beads (more information on malas here), helps me to focus on my intentions and set my mind toward what I'd like to feel and accomplish.

2. Improve Your Mood

Taking a few minutes before you start your day to meditate can really help improve your mood in a positive way. I don't know about you, but my mornings can really be hectic- waking up to help the kids get ready for school, working out, cleaning the house (a little bit), planning my day, etc. all before 9 a.m. 

I've found that taking 15 minutes before I even get out of the bed to calm my mind, steady my breathing, and meditate really sets the tone for my day. Repeating things like- "I am calm. I am happy. I am grateful." really lays a positive foundation within my subconscious as I navigate the day.

3. Reduces Stress

Many of us frequently encounter anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Knowing how to meditate can really come in handy when you feel those emotions overcoming you. 

When I begin to feel anxious, I close my eyes, take deep controlled breaths, and repeat mantras like- "I am strong. I am awesome. I am brave." I repeat until I believe them and can move forward. I begin to feel much stronger and ready to conquer whatever it is that stands in my way.

Meditation has become how I begin and end my day. It has also helped me to incorporate more prayer in my day. And guess what...you can do it anywhere!

I usually meditate in my bed, in my car, at my desk, on the treadmill...wherever I want. Meditation does not have to be formal, as long as you are able to clear your mind and focus on your intention, you are good.

So, are you ready to start meditating? Would you like to learn more? Leave a comment below.

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