Meditation Malas


Achieve the ultimate zen in meditation and prayer. 

Beautifully designed and carefully crafted, your mala necklaces and bracelets includes stones and beads of the highest quality. Whether the traditional 180 bead mala necklace, 54 bead mini mala, 27 bead bracelet, or the fashion-conscious versions, you will find what you are looking for.

Each mala is prayed over prior to creation and is made with the most positive of intent. You will enjoy the look, feel, and functionality of your new mala. 

To have your very own meditation and prayer mala created just for you go to the custom mala page and be sure to include your intention(s) (love, strength, calm, peace, courage, increase, etc.) and color choices, if any.

*Please allow up to 5 business days to complete you mala. They can usually be done sooner depending on current customer orders.

For more information on malas, check out our Mala FAQs.