Gray Leopard Jasper, Brown Jade, Cream Howlite 108 Bead Meditation Mala With Gold and Pear Wood Accents

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The intentions set for this piece are peace and light.

This 108 bead, hand-knotted mala features soft brown pear wood (smells so good!), gray leopard jasper, brown faceted jade, cream howlite with a bright yellow silk tassel, cream colored Buddha head guru bead, and 2 gold pewter and honey wood counter beads.

Pear Wood represents longevity, strength, and fruitfulness.

Jasper is a stone known to bring guidance, balance, and independence.

Jade is known as a nurturing stone that brings tranquility in the time of stress.

Howlite is known as a stone of relaxation, patience, and memory.

Every piece is a handmade and hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind piece that should be an intimate and personal selection for you, your intentions, and  your meditation/prayer. Each mala starts with hematite, a grounding stone, a great reminder when beginning your prayer and meditation.

Length- 27.5 inches

Because natural stones are used, the item you receive may slightly differ in color.

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*Please allow up to 5 to 10 business days to complete you mala. They can usually be done sooner depending on current customer orders.

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